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When is the best time to start immunotherapy?

birch pollenPeople often ask this question when discussing treatment for allergies. Any proactive steps towards treating allergy and reducing associated inflammation is a good time. Treatment can be started at any time, however, there are certain times that are ideal for starting immunotherapy, especially for seasonal allergies to tree, grass, or weed pollens. The rationale is that you will experience fewer allergy type symptoms if you start when the allergens are not in large doses in the air.

To avoid making allergy symptoms worse, immunotherapy should be started at least 3 months before your peak allergen season hits. If you have completed allergy testing and identified what you are allergic to, you will know the general season in which your symptoms flare. Then, you can plan to start immunotherapy 3-6 months earlier. Trees, grasses, and weeds pollinate the spring, summer, and fall, respectively, with windows of overlap, leaving many feeling miserable for a few months, especially in the case of multiple allergies. To get a head start without increasing your symptoms, starting immunotherapy during the early winter months is a good bet.

If your allergies are to dust, mold, or pets, which are present year-round, treatment can be started at any time. Medications and supplements used to alleviate allergy symptoms can still be taken while taking allergy drops.

Dr. Laurie Menk Otto does skin prick allergy testing, and sublingual immunotherapy, or “allergy drops” at her practice at Reconstructed Wellness. Wouldn’t it be nice to get through your next allergy season with less sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes? Make an appointment today.

2 thoughts on “When is the best time to start immunotherapy?

  1. I would have never thought to start immunotherapy as early as three months before peak allergen season. It’s good to know that you can start the treatment before you start to feel the symptoms of allergies. If I wait to take it after the season has started, does that mean the effects of immunotherapy will be different?


    • Hi Kendall, It takes some time before a reduction in symptoms are noted, so if you start treating before your problematic season, symptoms may be fewer. However you can start treating at any point in time.


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