Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH

Naturopathic Medicine | Portland, Oregon


Naturopathic physicians are trained in general medical practice and are qualified to treat most common conditions. Dr. Menk Otto is on panel with most major health insurance companies.

For more information on specific conditions Dr. Menk Otto treats, see: Conditions Treated

Dr. Menk Otto is part of the care team at Reconstructed Wellness, an integrative clinic with a highly skilled team of providers of naturopathic, acupuncture, chiropractic, and massage. The integrative model is convenient for patients where multiple health issues can be addressed under one roof, with easy care coordination, without the need to travel between medical offices for care.

In addition, Dr. Menk Otto is connected to many other health professionals within the greater Portland area. If you are looking for someone with a certain specialty, or in a specific location, just ask!