Laurie Menk Otto, ND, MPH

Naturopathic Medicine | Portland, Oregon

Top Docs 2017


This year I have been included again in the select list of Portland Monthly’s Top Docs. I publish this very humbly – if you live in Portland you know that I am one among a large, smart, and talented medical community, of which I am fortunate to be a part. During the past year, the most gratifying work I have done is using immunotherapy to treat allergic disease, and providing comprehensive general primary health care with an emphasis on getting back to the basics of health. This includes using food as medicine, addressing the microbiome, and helping patients incorporate the foundational basics into treatment: exercise, sleep, and stress management. Maintaining a busy practice while raising small children has kept me busy, which is partly why you haven’t heard much from me recently. This year, I plan to expand my immunotherapy offerings, so stay tuned for more soon! In the meantime, be well, and eat your veggies!

Author: Laurie Menk Otto ND, MPH

Dr. Laurie Menk Otto is a naturopathic physician at Reconstructed Wellness, adjunct faculty for Helfgott Research Institute, and holds a master's in public health from the University of Arizona. Contact: 503.323-3215 or

2 thoughts on “Top Docs 2017

  1. Hi Laur: A huge congratulations for being chosen as one of the top docs in Portland. The hand surgeon I work with here in Minneapolis is chosen as that on a yearly basis. It’s quite an honor. Strong work, Laur! It speaks volumes about what your colleagues feel about you. I’m not surprised. 💪🏼💐 Love, Suz

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  2. So glad to hear this Laurie!


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